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Export Access specialises in helping Australian and North American companies to establish themselves in international markets.

Our organisation offers a structured process designed to enable companies to export their products, services, technology or intellectual property. We offer a complete range of services that encompass the entire international business development cycle.

Export Access can facilitate business development functions such as; identifying and securing distribution channels, licencing, strategic planning and market intelligence. We can take the role of independent project manager OR integrate as a member of your company's project task team

The expertise and support that we can provide will enable you to meet your business development goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

"Simply put, Jim Raz and his team at Export Access are winners. Jim helped Arrow Cabinets to enter the Australian market with our products AND helped direct the acquisition of Australian product lines to add to our North American market. Jim's dedication, passion and energy have made a lasting impression on me.

Throughout life you encounter certain people who stand out as not only good businessmen, but good people. Jim Raz is one of those rare people."

Jerry Voors
President - Arrow Companies, LLC
9th Feb 2012

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You can now purchase each of the tools provided by Export Access online. Click here to see our current product list.

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Export Access offers a complete range of services that encompass the entire international business development cycle. Check out the range of services we offer.

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Export Access has been widely recognised for it's impact on the export industry and contribution to business's attempting to infiltrate international markets. Click here to see published articles and references regarding Export Access.

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