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Our ethos;

  • Daring; daring to attack international markets with enthusiasm
  • Different; by differentiating your products and services
  • + First; and winning new business in line with your business objectives

Export Access was established to provide services to companies both large and small, seeking to develop business internationally.

Jim Raz, Export Access Managing Director, saw first hand the cost to individual companies of successfully entering overseas markets.

  • SME: Export Access can project manage the entire business development function as a pseudo international business manager.
  • Larger: Form part of the project team

In either case, the cost to your business is a fraction of employing personnel full time for the task.

What is involved in prospecting and identifying international business opportunities?

The expense of undertaking an exploratory overseas trip to evaluate the market and identify potential customers is considerable. Added to this will be the problems of operating in an unfamiliar social and commercial environment, and the uncertainty involved in contacting potential clients, distributors and other organisations.

Finally, the results of your exploratory trip may be disappointing, leaving you with a sense that the whole exercise is just too expensive and complicated.

The alternative is to employ Export Access to represent your product through the prospecting and qualifying process. For larger companies with an existing presence, this may be introducing a new product or market segment.

Our strategy is to represent a number of clients and a range of products and businesses, thus amortising costs and increasing efficiency.

About Us

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