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Our core business is the facilitation of trade outcomes between the United States (NAFTA) and Australia. We offer a hands-on approach to the complex process of developing new markets for your products.

The process of exporting for the first time to a new territory, or expanding on current successes, will involve the successful navigation of numerous obstacles, some of which you would not encounter in Australian markets.

Our preferred approach is to work with your company on specific and defined projects, for example, identifying and breaking down barriers which may impede your progress, or helping to determine the best route to markets to ensure commercial success. Results would be achieved via research, or representing your technology during the market qualification and introduction phase.

Whether we address one element or the entire process, we will assume the role of project manager and guide the project through to a successful conclusion.

This approach will:

  • streamline market entry processes
  • reduce the cost of market entry
  • break down barriers to entry
  • dramatically shorten the timeline to success
  • create formal business and strategic relationships
  • develop effective and specific markets.

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