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The Export Access Value Proposition

Export Access can streamline of the process of exporting with a hands on project approach to supporting your business.

The process of exporting for the first time to a new territory, or expanding on current successes will involve the successful navigation of numerous obstacles on the way. Export Access will work to support you through the entire process, or can take responsibility for a specific element. These may include identifying and breaking down barriers which may impede your progress, determining best markets to target via research or representing your technology during the market qualification and introduction phase.

We are about streamlining the time taken to reach your goals and, more importantly, saving you significant working capital in the process.

What does "hands on approach" mean? For us, our preferred model is to work with your company on specific and defined projects and see them through to their conclusion. Unlike the consultancy model, we will agree with you the definition of success. We will then work to achieve those goals in the form of a surrogate project manager. Our core activity is the facilitation of trade outcomes between the United States, (NAFTA) and Australia. Export Access is best suited to organizations who;

  • Don't have specific experience in the markets they are targeting
  • Lack specific skills in one or more of the road to export disciplines.
  • Don't have a dedicated Export Manager or resources on staff.
  • Wish to reduce the costs involved in developing markets through the pooling or amortization of costs with other companies

Fee structure

Export Access is happy to negotiate the most appropriate fee structure to fit your budget and timing. Options may include; Fee for service, based on an agreed hourly rate. Project rate, where we quote to complete a specified project with agreed KPI's and outcomes. A third option, (where appropriate) may be in the form a Success fee or commission whereby we share the risk and enjoy the rewards of our achievements together. Any one, or a combination of these fee structures will be right for you. As we develop a dialogue the most appropriate form will become evident.

Where-ever possible, we will recommend appropriate government assistance grants designed to stimulate commercial success and offset the costs incurred in export development concurrently.

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